The Root of Trust (When Life Seems to Crumble at Your Feet)


This morning, I’d like to re-introduce one of my all-time favorite authors (and books)…Strong Women, Soft Hearts, by Paula Rinehart.

Why should you read this book?

Have you been disappointed by someone?
Have you felt betrayed?
All of the above?

Then read on…Rinehart has this persuasive way of helping readers see their pain from the right perspective in order to deal with it (and then move on.)

Trust does not come by working harder. If you’ve ever tried to conjure up a sense of trust, especially if you’ve been hurt or disappointed, you know how elusive trust can be. Friends may leave, my children may turn out to be reprobates, the mountains may crumble – but if I am loved by God, somehow it will lead toward the light. And apart from the reality that he loves me, trust is just wishful thinking – hopeless naivete’ in the face of a cruel and capricious world.

What makes the Christian experience of surrender and trust unique is that when you let go of the object of your attachment, you are not shutting down on the inside. Disappointment is often the back door into grabbing hold of that reality more strongly.

When the future looks bleak, or someone has trampled on your heart with football cleats and you are struggling with trust, there is something gripping in the word already. You are already loved. Before the foundation of the world, in a way you can never earn, beyond the validation of any human being, you are loved. The essence of what we long for is already ours, in the truest sense. Disappointment drags us back to the well.

We drop anchor in the goodness of God.


I like the sound of that word and I drop anchor in the goodness of what that truth means to me.


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