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Single & Parenting –The Solution for Single Parent Ministry

Last spring I had a conversation with the executive producer at Church Initiative where we discussed a topic very close to my own heart…that of single parenting. While I am not a single parent, two of my closest friends are single moms and through the years much of my writing (books and articles) have been focused on their life journey. After that phone conversation, I received an invitation to travel to Oak Forest, NC, on a hot summer day and take part in their newest instructional series, Single & Parenting. I remember that day well. It was long. It was hot. It was tiring.

It was also one of those spectacular days that don’t come around often, one of those few spaces of time when you feel as those you’ve “come home” the moment you arrive. If you’ve ever visited a place for the first time and felt that overwhelming sense of being cared for, loved, and “wanted”…you know what I’m talking about. The entire day spent working with the wonderful folks at Single & Parenting remains a beautiful memory for me. I was taken by their kindnesses, their shared vision for helping people and families, and their respect for each other…powerful images remain in my mind. While we can’t all visit Church Initiative in person, the next best thing is to take part in their newest ministry…please do look over this exciting series and recommend it to your family, friends and churches who are wanting to encourage single moms and dads and their children but don’t know how…you’ll be blest and so glad you did.

Single & Parenting
Innovative, powerful single-parent ministry
for your church

Single & Parenting makes it easy for your church to help single parents of all types:

Never married

We provide your church with a complete set of resources so that you can quickly equip a lay ministry team to launch a comprehensive, Christ-centered single-parent ministry—even if your leaders have no prior ministry training!

Here is why Single & Parenting is an essential resource for your church:


The Single & Parenting videos and workbooks feature the counsel of more than 30 leading Christian experts on topics essential to single parents.

This material is published by Church Initiative, the ministry that created DivorceCare, DivorceCare for Kids and GriefShare. These programs have been placed in more than 15,000 churches worldwide and are proven effective in helping people who are facing difficult life circumstances. Single & Parenting represents the same high quality and commitment to biblical, Christ-centered ministry as found in all Church Initiative programs.

Lay driven

Single & Parenting is a lay-driven ministry. If you are a pastor, you won’t invest much time getting this ministry going. If you are a lay leader, you can be assured that we provide all of the resources you need for successful ministry.

All you need

We provide a comprehensive array of Single & Parenting training and leader-equipping tools, DVDs, workbooks and promotional resources to ensure your church offers a successful, ongoing single-parent ministry.

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Flex Your Faith Muscles: How Much Further Can You Go if You Stretch?

Flex Your Faith Muscles

How Much Further Can You Go if You Stretch?

By Diane Markins

Are you fat, lazy and graceless…in your faith? When was the last time you truly worked on your faith muscles? Just as our bones hold us up and our ligaments and skin keep everything contained, our salvation faith—what Christ did on the cross—will sustain us. But in order to keep our faith growing and in good shape, we need to exercise our faith muscles.

I recently saw a great example of this as my pastor stretched his faith muscles. He talked about the importance of tithing. Not just how much it means to God, but what a blessing it is to the giver. As he concluded, he offered a money-back guarantee to anyone who committed to give at least 10 percent of their earnings for 90 days. If anyone wasn’t satisfied with the resultant blessings in their life, the church would reimburse them. This has nothing to do with material gain, but with receiving intangible rewards like peace, provision, comfort and joy. By stretching his faith muscles, this pastor inspired others to begin stretching theirs as well.

Our faith muscles will atrophy if we don’t use them. We need to stretch them and build them up for strength. As we stretch them beyond the limit of our comfort (only as far as they typically go every day), we allow ourselves greater flexibility, grace and longer strides. After we stretch and begin to move more freely, we also begin to gain strength of faith.

In my family, each of us has been stretching our faith muscles lately. My son went to Zimbabwe and stayed with strangers, having many experiences that stretched him. His wife took care of everything alone while he was away. My daughter has a new management job and is learning to step out in authority that has been given to her. My husband is strengthening as he finds creative ways to keep our business alive and all our employees working in a bad economy. Others are flexing new muscles as they relax and trust God for healing.

Every word I write is my effort at extending my tight faith muscles. They want to hold me back and keep me in the same spot, but God says that I need to push back and go beyond my point of comfort—even if it hurts. I want to see how strong my faith can get; what I can accomplish, but this will only be realized if I (and YOU) stop being a spectator and begin exercising faith muscles to the point that they are sore and tired.

What new thing could you try? What could you do better? Where is God working that you could join Him if you just stretched a tiny bit?

About the author: Diane Markins, author of Words In High Def blog, CBN and Presidential Prayer Team contributor and conference speaker.

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What Moms Who are MDs Have to Say About Parenting

Can you think of a better combination to pose medical questions to than a group of women who are both moms and MDs? When I first met Jennifer Reich, I was impressed with her warmth and depth of character. This first impression piqued my interest in her new book project, “MommyMDGuides for Pregnancy and Birth.” Reich gathers the best these female physicians have to offer and has compiled their experiences and insights into this comprehensive resource. For more information, check out MommyMDGuides links below.

Jennifer Bright Reich
Cofounder and Editorial Director, Momosa Publishing LLC
The Mommy MD Guides

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