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Capture the Moment and Move On


A couple of weeks ago I posted about getting over the mental hurdle of entering a television studio for the first time in years. Well, the interview ran this past Saturday and here it is…proof that I am a fallible, imperfect, mistake-making person.

Yep…painful to watch yourself in action.

So, truth to tell, I haven’t even watched it.

In all honesty, I most likely won’t.


Because if I don’t like what I see/hear from myself….I probably won’t say yes to another television offer.

Still, I’m excited and grateful for the opportunity to share the message of my book and I hope you’ll consider taking time to share it with your friends too.

As the photo states…I’m capturing the moment and moving on.

I think it’s a very good development that I’m able to laugh at myself these days. 🙂

Making healthy choices and caring for an elderly relative – Toledo (OH) News, Weather and Sports.

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QR Codes for Smartphones — Burdens Do a Body Good Video

I’m constantly amazed at what these little codes can do…since I don’t own a smart phone (or I should say, I don’t have an activated data plan on my smart phone), I can’t prove this works…but you can! In theory, you should be able to scan this little code and watch the video (anytime, anywhere)….give it a try and let me know how it works! 🙂

Bonus!!! If you try it out, let me know and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a copy of Burdens Do a Body Good!

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Dependency vs Competency – Words in High Def with Diane Markins

Writers love to put their thoughts into the written word, they also love to discuss these same concepts and principles “out loud” and this exactly the interchange that writer and radio host, Diane Markins, of Words in High Def and I enjoyed on her new radio show this week. Diane is a superb writer, thinker and advocate for women. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to visit her website and then along with a cup of coffee…listen to our interview. Diane’s known for her “grace and grit” and it’s infectious! Be encouraged today. 🙂

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New Friends Sharing Fresh Vision for 2011

It’s always a joy when you have the opportunity to share a long conversation with a friend. Catching up, making plans, dreaming about the future…these are essential components to a good conversation and a solid friendship. Yesterday I had the great pleasure of speaking with two new friends, Jory Fisher and Beth Scanzani, esteemed and very talented radio hosts for the Heart & Soul radio program. Jory and Beth regularly invite women to conversations focusing on three primary factors. Purpose, passion, and perseverance.

It is these three touchpoints that were the foundation for our interview yesterday where we discussed (in lively fashion) how women can come alongside other women…by either leading the way or offering a hand of encouragement. Since every woman lives a uniquely different life than others around her, we focused on how alike we all are on the inside and how our experiences may appear “different” than another woman’s…but our responses are frequently similar. By the end of our hour together, I felt encouraged, revitalized, and challenged to make the most of 2011. I hope you’ll take the time to visit Women Find Purpose and be encouraged too!

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Women Heal By Sharing Stories — Conversations with Dr. Nancy

Dr. Nancy O’Reilly was gracious enough to interview me on her Conversations with Dr. Nancy radio program. It struck me after the radio conversation that Dr. Nancy’s website, Women Speak, couldn’t be more appropriately titled. During our thirty-minute interview, Dr. Nancy and I shared our thoughts on the value of one woman walking along-side another woman…bringing encouragement, practical help, and always a strong positive word of affirmation. Throughout our “conversation,” I was impressed with Dr. Nancy’s countless areas where she actively gives of her time and resources to women across the country. Dr. Nancy doesn’t just talk about helping women, she matches action steps to her convictions. Please take a few minutes and visit Dr. Nancy’s site and listen to our conversation because it’s true, “Women Heal Through Sharing Stories.” 🙂

Are you quietly suffering, trying to endure a tough life circumstance while caring heroically for everyone else? That’s what happened to Michele when her good health started to deteriorate and take her on a downward spiral.

Writer and lifestyle mentor, Michele Howe turned to friends for healing. It was their wisdom and the help of her orthopedic surgeon that helped her realize that she was not alone. There were other women who felt the same in midlife and they could find strength by helping one other.

Michele started writing health articles with her orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Foetisch, and ultimately a book, called Burdens Do A Body Good. This book is a training manual that provides women with inspirational insight and practical advice for handling life’s toughest battles with inner and other strength.

Hear Michele and Dr. Nancy describe how, by helping others, you can help yourself.

Click the icon to the left of “Listen Now” on the left side of WomenSpeak Home Page.

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Q & A on “What Works” in Hosting a Radio Program

Since the release of our new book, Burdens Do a Body Good, I’ve had a tremendous year meeting new people throughout the publishing world. Three of these wonderful colleagues I had the privilege of getting to know (and love), I have interviewed here on their experiences in hosting their own radio programs. These ladies are all terrific radio hosts (and I was honored to be on each of their programs) and each of them bring a very specialized show to their listening audience. So, enough said by me, enjoy reading (and getting educated) on what running a radio show looks and feels like from the host’s perspective!

Speaking to those in the publishing/radio/TV industry, what do you wish your friends and colleagues would understand about the work you do?Deidre Hughey: It’s not just about showing up for your time slot. There’s A LOT of preparation time outside of the time that I spend on the air both before and after the production.

Marla Martindale: That it’s not as easy as it seems to be.

Brenda Nixon: It demands weekly planning, energy, and promotion.

How is being a radio host different than most people might imagine?

DH: I think that most people think that being a radio host is a “cake job” and a blast. (Well, actually that last part is true, it is a blast!). But, as a radio host, you have to be prepared for anything…not everything goes the way it’s supposed to all the time. In fact, there are few days where everything goes the way it’s supposed to go. However, that’s one of the reasons that I enjoy it. I love having to think on my feet. Most radio shows aren’t broadcast from a glamorously decorated and maintained building (that part was eye-opening for me).

MM: There is lots of preparation that goes into each show, you must read guests’ books; formulate your questions; research their website(s); and treat them all with the respect they deserve regardless of their stance on issues you may disagree with.

BN: Radio is a powerful venue for promoting your mission, books, helping listeners, and helping others in your industry. It demands an articulate, knowledgeable host who is professional in his/her attitude.

What are some of the highs/lows you experience on a regular basis?

DH: Highs: I meet some of the most wonderful people in the world because of my show! I get excited hearing the passion in my guests’ voices and love when they say something that I haven’t heard before.

Lows: I don’t experience lows on a regular basis. However, when a guest doesn’t show up, that’s a low. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, there’s a moment of pause in my mind. But the show must go on and I do my best to turn it into a high by broadcasting some music that I love or replaying a favorite interview.

MM: The highs: I get to read some phenomenal books of those who have persevered through their own painful ordeal, and you get to meet some absolutely wonderful individuals that you know will be in your life till the end. The lows: lots of reading…lots!

BN: The high is getting acquainted with a variety of interesting guests who are experts in the childrearing field. The low is when shy listeners won’t phone to ask questions of my guest or me. I encourage callers on every show and I think they miss an opportunity for free advice if they don’t call.

Tell us about how you go about selecting guests and do you have too many potential guests to choose from or not enough?

DH: So far, I haven’t had any trouble finding guests. I have two methods of collecting a pool of guests.

a. HARO – Once a year, I send a request through HARO (Help A Reporter Out) letting people know about the show and what type of guests I’m looking for. In my experience, this gives me a pool of people to choose from large enough to fill the call in guest portion of my show for more than a year. I’m very specific about who I’m looking for and stick to my personal criteria for guests.

b. I belong to quite a few local organizations and associations where I can search for guests for my local part of the program. I also ask trusted associates for their recommendations for local talent.

MM: I choose guests who authentically have a story to share that will inspire others and that has benefit them in their own lives. As for the amount of guest to choose from, it seems to come in spurts, sometimes I have too many to keep up with, and other times I am sweating the week until I find a guest to fill the following week’s slot. But God has been there with me every step of the way and has provided me with guests that are interesting and am I always honored to have been able to interview them.

BN: A few authors/speakers approach me after hearing The Parent’s Plate but the majority of my guests I approach and invite after I’ve done research on them, their philosophy, and their product.

How can your future guests best prepare to make their on-air time with you the most productive and helpful to you and to listeners?

a. Be excited about what you do
b. Bring passion to the conversation
c. Say something different
d. Don’t be afraid to talk

Most of my guests do this well, but every once in a while; these components are missing. One thing that guests need to remember is that on radio, no one can see your face or your hand gestures. If this is something that you rely on to get your message out, then you have to change for radio. Radio is completely reliant on your voice. You could have the most exciting, revolutionary, life-changing information that anyone has ever heard, but if you can’t transmit that message with passion and excitement in your voice, no one will hear it the way you intend. So, bring more passion and excitement to your voice and you’ll be a GREAT guest!

Being original is also important. As a radio host, I want to be sure that I’m bringing in guests that have something unique and original to say, not only so that my audience doesn’t get bored, but also, in truth, so I don’t get bored either. I like for my interest to be piqued both before and during the show!

You can’t be afraid to talk. You’ve been asked to be a guest because the radio host, producer or talent scout thought that you had something interesting to say, so say it! The most difficult and frustrating interviews are the interviews where I have to pull information out of a guest. Be confident in your knowledge and express it!

MM: I think it’s best if the guests are comfortable enough to just be themselves and share everything they would like to share but most importantly, be comfortable!!

BN: Be articulate, knowledgeable and friendly. Call me by name so it sounds like a personal chat, stand up during the interview so you sound energetic, and vary your voice inflection so you’re not a boring monotone to my guests.

Any #1 no-no in the radio business?

DH: 3 no-no’s – Don’t call in late. Don’t show up late. Don’t be boring with what you say or how you say it.

MM: There are on no-nos in the radio biz. It’s not good to have dead air…. some is expected, but it shouldn’t go beyond 3-5 seconds!!

BN: Avoid being an infomercial about your books or products on every show. Rather, give listeners a reason to tune in by offering great information and tips that can change lives.

Publishing a book is a tough upward battle for most writers; do you feel hosting a radio program is similar? How so?

DH: I’ve published a book as well and can definitely say that the process towards becoming a radio personality was a much shorter hill as compared to the uphill climbing and equipment needed to publish a book. The only similarity in my mind is that each one takes research, time to understand what the audience wants and finding the best format in which to deliver that message.

MM: I believe radio can be similar in the beginning to book publishing because you are an unknown and unestablished.

BN: It’s different. Hosting a radio show is a weekly commitment, where writing is a daily commitment and energy drain. It’s similar in that both demand tons of publicity; the readers and the listeners don’t come to you unless you put the word out there about your product or service to them.

What one piece of advice would you offer to individuals interested in getting into your side (the host position) of radio?

DH: You need to be curious and genuinely like people. Curiosity is needed in order to be able to engage your guests in a way that helps them to feel comfortable and heard so that your listeners get to hear what they tuned in to hear. Seems simple, but without your curiosity, only the most perfect guests are going to say what your audience wants to hear. Liking people is imperative because you’re going to come across many different personality types in this business.

MM: I would say: “If you feel strongly about starting a radio program, make it about something YOU are passionate about and keep it wholesome!”

BN: Start recruiting quality guests early. Follow-up with each guest before and after the program. In short, build relationships with your guests so they will want to return to your show, and they’ll also be your covert publicity team.

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Saying “Yes” When It Gets Uncomfortable — From Publishing to Promotion

Writing a book is easy (well, no, it’s not…it can be tedious, laborious, and filled with lots of “Why am I doing this?” moments in between signing a contract (happy day #1) and sending the completed manuscript (happy day #2) off to the publisher).

Promoting a book is hard. Every step of the way. Every day. Every week. Every month. Every year. It too, can be tedious, laborious, and filled with lots of “Why am I doing this?” moments.

Then, just like in life, there are those bright shining moments of pure grace and overflowing happiness when a writer realizes all the rejections, the setbacks, and all the head/shoulder pain is worth it.

Let me share a few of these recent pure grace moments for which I am so thankful with you…

1. Thankful for…getting invited to be interviewed by FOX Toledo’s Laura Emerson, on Talk Back. From the minute I entered the studio, Laura was kindly gracious, warm and welcoming to me…and did I ever appreciate it given my lack of television experience. It’s been said the mark of a great person is when they make you feel great…well, then Laura is GREAT! Even though I fumbled along during the interview, she kept encouraging me with her positivity and professionalism. No wonder she’s a well-loved NW Ohio/SE Michigan television personality…viewers can sense her genuineness.

2. Thankful for…getting the opportunity to take part in Monroe County’s Tenth Annual Writers on the River author event. The library system fed us a lovely lunch and then opened the doors to the public for three hours. It was fun to sit and talk with other authors and compare notes on new projects, current books, and the latest happenings in the publishing industry. Meeting readers is always a very good time…so the afternoon left me with some wonderful memories, a fresh perspective, and lots of incentive to move forward on some ideas I’ve had brewing lately.

Writing is mostly a solo venture…and I frequently forget how much I gain when I get out amongst the “living” even when it involves doing events I’m not entirely comfortable with or haven’t tried before. Thankful…that’s what I am today.