For Inquiring Minds…

For my friends who have been inquiring about what’s on the inside of Strength for All Seasons a prayer devotional – here’s the description. 🤗

Strength for All Seasons: A Prayer Devotional offers thirty-one daily topics on specific ways to inspire, encourage, love, and thrive during every season of life via a vibrant life in Christ forged through daily prayer. This lovely devotional provides a Godward foundation to propel Christ-followers into roles that could literally alter this generation and the next, while shoring oneself up for the ever-changing battles that face Christians in every season.

Each chapter opens with a passage of Scripture, an edifying quotation, and a brief story written by beloved author Michele Howe. The devotional is split into three sections that provide targeted wisdom on topics such as spiritual strength, physical health and well-being, emotional balance, relational wisdom, and ministry and giftedness. Readers will be able to offer daily comprehensive prayers, confident they are “covering” and equipping themselves and their loved ones through intercession. Closing out the daily prayer format, readers will have several practical recommendations for investing in others’ lives (and their own) through acts of service, volunteer opportunities, and other creative suggestions for developing a close bond. Passing through the seasons of life means navigating diverse challenges and opportunities for different individuals, and yet there are underlying biblical principles that govern all journeys through life.

And here is where you can buy it – on the cheap! 😍


Wondering What’s Inside?

This new ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review on reveals the heart (and content) of my new book, Strength for All Seasons. 😍

“I loved this book the minute I saw it and picked it up. The leather-look cover has a soft texture and the color is soothing (plus there’s a ribbon marker for those of us who are always casting about for a bookmark). I couldn’t wait to open it and when I did, was pleased to find that, in this case, I was right to have judged a book by its cover. Michele Howe’s latest is a beautiful collection of devotions. There’s one for each day of a 31-day month with plenty of material in each to fill a time of prayer and reflection, or even to provide a dose of comfort at a difficult moment. With stories from the lives of others and her own, Michele covers a variety of life issues ranging from the plight of the unmarried young single woman to that of a divorced dad facing a custody hearing. In talking about her own struggles, Michele shares her frustrations with the effects of interrupted sleep that often accompany aging and the lessons learned from an extended power outage. Each story is told from a faith perspective and accompanied by “Think about It” questions, nuggets of “Seasonal Wisdom” for reflection and several scripture verses and short prayers under the heading of “Praying through the Seasons.” On the first morning I used this book for my own prayer time, I immediately related to the story in the devotion I chose, and moved easily into the prayers and reflections. I anticipate this becoming one of my go-to prayer resources, but I also can see getting copies of it for friends who will appreciate Michele’s faithful vision and her gift for providing practical spiritual direction for difficulties big and small.

My Big Ask

Here’s my big ask of all my friends. In two days, Strength for All Seasons, officially releases. I’m so happy with this book that Hendrickson Publishers published (inside and out), and from everything you’ve shared with me …you are too. 🤗

Here’s the big ask. If you have a copy of my book, would you please write a few sentences of review on the link below?

This thankful author appreciates every kind and thoughtful word. 😘


A Happy Reader – Makes My Heart Happy

My happy author’s heart is going pitter patter after reading Rhonda Owens’ post on my newest book, Strength for All Seasons. 😍

Photo fail aside (because #brightsun LOL!), I’m holding my sweet friend’s newest book! Christian devotionals (sadly) tend to be “light & fluffy,” but THIS ONE? It goes deep—and you all know how I like the going deep! Flip through the pics to read my endorsement. (Spoiler: I highly recommend #strengthforallseasons 😊) I hope you’ll pick up this book because I have a feeling you’ll love 💕 @michelehowewrites as much as me! @ Bryan, Ohio