My Three GRAND Inspirations for Living Bravely!

My cup runneth over. 😍😍😍

These three GRAND grands helped me come up with games, stories, real life brave ways to treat others like Jesus would. They inspired me!

Living Bravely is 100% kid-tested and parent approved.


An Excerpt- Navigating the Friendship Maze

Navigating the Friendship Maze explores various facets of friendship, such as the three types of friends every woman needs and practical ways to be a good friend. Check out this awesome book by Michele Howe.

Thanks to Hendrickson Publishers for this lovely excerpt!


My Story and Yours – The Stuff of Life

Each of my books is full to overflowing with real stories from my life and yours (if you have given me permission to share). 😊

Even though the main theme of every one of my books is different, I have always included stories of real people facing the gamut of life’s challenges. Like me. Like you.

Why incorporate the nitty gritty of living life here on earth? Because just as Jesus shared stories and told parables to impart truth and offer instruction, I believe we learn best via the story model.

When I listen (or read) someone’s story, I put myself in their shoes and my thoughts run immediately to how I would handle the same situation. I run the challenge through the lens of what God’s Word teaches about overcoming fear, worry, anxiety, anger, regret, bitterness, depression, etc.

This process helps me and it helps you too because we are all pretty much facing some type of suffering or hardship every day. When I face my hardship with faith and hope, I can pass that on to you. And you, in turn, can pass on your biblical exhortation to me. Win. Win.

Stories. They bring life to the stuff of our lives.


Living Bravely – A Review

One reader’s review of Living Bravely.

One happy, grateful author.

Children’s devotionals often offer cliche´ topics handled in predictable ways that sometimes underestimate a kid’s ability to process harder issues.

But Michele Howe trusts in her young readers’ capabilities to wrestle with difficult themes, so children who work through Living Bravely: 52-Week Super Incredible Faith Devotional (especially those who have the opportunity to work through it with a caring adult) will encounter difficult subjects presented through the lens of a Biblical worldview.

What’s a sibling to do, for example, when she knows she is supposed to love her twin brother but has trouble because he is so mean to her (week 5)? Or, how should an older brother handle it when he catches his younger sister not only stealing coins from the family savings jar, but also having no remorse for her actions (week 15)? What should young children do when they come upon teenagers who are fighting and (in the process) destroying a community garden they worked so hard to cultivate (week 7)? What decision should a family make when the baseball calendar changes thus rescheduling all of the games for Sunday mornings (week 4)?

Howe does a masterful job of presenting authentic scenarios, generating thoughtful discussion questions, and honing in on deeply Biblical solutions.

And while content usually eclipses design, it must be noted that visually speaking, the colorful pictures and simple layout of this devotional invites young readers to engage in and linger longer in the excellent material.

Probably the best review I can give for Living Bravely: 52-Week Super Incredible Faith Devotional, however, is that my own six-year-old daughter thoroughly enjoyed reading through it with me, saying often, “Let’s read another, Mom.”


A Bundle of Books

Can I just say how much I appreciate my longtime publisher?

I consider Hendrickson Publishers the heart and home for my most treasured books. Their team is committed to bringing out the very best in me (as an author) so that every reader can benefit from the combined labor of many talented professionals.

Kudos to the entire Hendrickson publishing team for their unparalleled work ethic and for their commitment to honor and lift up our Savior Jesus Christ.

Below is an advertisement HendricksonRose Publishers designed and sent out yesterday and which continues to warm my heart today. ❤️

“New seasons can be exciting. They can also be challenging. How can you make the most of every new season? How can you help others during difficult seasons of life?

From caring for aging parents to having your last child move out, find out how to stay rooted in God’s promises and help others during changing seasons.

Putting her own life under the microscope, Michele invites you to experience her wins, learn from her setbacks, and ultimately find hope in Scripture.

Featuring real life stories and relevant scriptures, each book is perfect for personal or group use.

Enjoy Having 30 Insights and Dozens of Key Scripture at Your Fingertips!

Using a devotion-like format, each bite-size chapter focuses on one key insight and shows how to practically apply Scripture to your everyday life.”


Impossible; Difficult; Done.


But God.

Navigating the Friendship Maze: The Path to Authentic Friendship


The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. Gandhi

I’ve been pondering the whole principle of forgiveness quite a lot lately. Thinking about how it feels nearly impossible to break free of the emotional entanglements when someone hurts you (or hurts someone you love deeply.)

Impossible (for me to forgive.) That’s the word I would use to describe the feeling inside of my heart when I recall the pain another person purposefully inflicts on another. But I also recognize that without forgiveness the pain just lingers, then festers, and eventually will consume me.

Which is why I found author Paula Rinehart’s excerpt on the value of forgiving (and doing so quickly) so meaningful to me. I love the way she gets how painful needing to offer forgiveness can be…and how absolutely impossible it is to do without God’s grace.

The lack of forgiveness does exact a…

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