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One of THOSE Days…


Yesterday I gave in to peer pressure and decorated the house for Christmas because everywhere I turned, everyone else was already enjoying their homes all gussied up for the holidays. (And we all know that the holidays go so fast…so why not enjoy the festivities a little longer?)

All to the good, right?


That is, until you factor in my ominous history with Christmas tree lights…then my joyous mood suddenly detoured into “one of those days…” after none of my strands would light up…drat.

So…I bit the bullet, got into my car, drove into town, picked up five new boxes of lights, (thinking to myself…I didn’t waste too much time on this little unexpected excursion.)

I walked right back into my living room opened the first box and realized I purchased the wrong kind!

Strike two of it’s one of those days

I stood there debating whether or not I wanted to take even more time to return the wrong lights and purchase different ones…then the pace of the rest of my week swept before my eyes and off I went again into town.

Sometime later, with the correct lights in hand, I felt my heart speed up as I tentatively plugged in each strand and placed them on the tree….hoping against hope they would all light up.

They did.

Wonder of wonders.

And the whole experience didn’t leave me (as it might of in the past) reacting in my default stance of —

Gritting my teeth in frustration
Snapping at empty air
Stomping around the house fretfully bemoaning my station in life…
Or…as this photo comically depicts…face first in a stack of Double Stuff Oreo cookies.

Rather…I took a deep breath (that’s progress for me) and considered (these things happen)… a lot to me actually.

But, it’s all good…or to be more clear…good for me.

Enduring patience in the little things that go wrong prepare me for the bigger more weighty waits in life.

Patience has never, ever been one of my strong suits…but it should be…by now, right? At least, that is what I tell myself…

I like how Max Lucado describes the value of gaining understanding (about what matters and what doesn’t) and how developing patience is a long-ended, never-ending task.

Have you asked God to give you some fruit? Well I did once, but…But what? Did you, h’m, grow impatient? Ask him again and again and again. He won’t grow impatient with your pleading, and you will receive patience in your praying.

And while you’re praying, ask for understanding. “Patient people have great understanding (Prov. 14:29). Could it be your impatience stems from a lack of understanding? Mine has.


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