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Guest Post by Lisa Grey — Pink Kitchen Books

In late 2011, one of my dearest friends was diagnosed with breast cancer and for the first time in my life, “breast cancer” became personal to me.

My friend Denise decided to share her journey with others and as she does so, this brave and remarkable woman imparts lots of encouragement and practical information along the way.

I never realized (or took the time to consider) how much information a woman fighting breast cancer has to digest…too much.

Still, Denise makes it palatable because she’s smart and funny and honest about the stuggle…and who couldn’t use more of these attributes?

As I read Denise’s work and started getting educated on the ins/outs of breast cancer, one aspect of fighting this disease kept popping up…nutrition.

Denise has talked about it, written about it, and found ways to ensure her diet fights her cancer. All of a sudden, eating well isn’t just a choice…it becomes one of the weapons to overcome a dangerous opponent.

On this note, I was delighted to read and review breast cancer survivor, Lisa Grey’s book on cooking up delicious and highly nutritious meals. Lisa’s story is below and you can find her books on her website.

Lisa created the Pink Kitchen for herself and for every other woman in the battle. I like what I read…and I think you will too.

Many people believe that being healthy takes too much time, talent, or money. The thought of all that extra effort is particularly overwhelming to a person who has battled cancer or another disease.

Lisa Grey knows a thing or two about nutrition. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Lisa used nutritious foods and herbs to help her attack the disease. Her goal was to do whatever she could to destroy the cancer and keep it away.

When her tumor shrank in size just a few weeks later, doctors told her that ‘sometimes these things just can’t be explained.’ But Lisa believes that the explanation is good nutrition!

Since then, Lisa has had a passion for sharing simple, quick, and delicious ways to eat nutritiously…not only for breast cancer survivors, but for anyone overwhelmed with the prospect of healthy eating. Out of this passion, Pink Kitchen was born.

Whether you are a breast cancer survivor or not, it’s time to step into Pink Kitchen – where healthy cooking is delicious, affordable, and easy…even if you think you have absolutely no talent for cooking. So pour a cup of your favorite beverage and join us. There’s a kitchen stool here with your name on it!