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Guest Post — HR Advocate/Joan Canning — 13 Actions That Signal Bullying

When we think of bullying the most common scenario is a children’s playground where one child is getting picked on by another child (or group of kids.)

This painful mental picture generally puts a shudder in even the most resilient adult.

Why so?

The truth is almost everyone has been the victim of some kind of malicious remark or behavior or “bullying” (as either a child and/or adult.)

Which is why this guest post by HR Advocate Joan Canning is so important.

Canning reports in her work as an HR Advocate that over 14 million adults say they have been victims of bullying in their workplace. Watch Canning’s video on this subject for more information on how to detect bullying and put an end to it here.

Not sure what constitutes workplace bullying?

Read on…

13 actions that signal workplace bullying

2.Name calling
4.Comments about appearance or lifestyle
6.Threats or intimidation
7.Unfair criticism
10.Physical assaults
11.Unreasonable work assignments
12.Menial task assignments

Remember — Bullying is an “equal opportunity” victimizer…both sexes deal with its harmful effects in workplaces across the country.