What’s Eating You? Making Smart Choices

After a brief phone call with my daughter, I realized something everyone who knows me well already knows…how I eat affects my mood.

When my daughter called and asked me how I was doing, I told her I was having a bad day. The second question she asked me was if I had eaten anything that day?

Immediately, I knew what she was inferring.

When mom doesn’t eat (or eat well)…well — trouble can’t be far behind.

It was already lunchtime and I’d been sitting at the computer since 6:30am drinking only water and coffee…and for someone like me, that’s not good. Just not healthy. (Nor is it good or healthy for anyone venturing near me.)

It might not be true for a lot of people, but I am what I eat. So is my mood.

I can’t go long without protein and other body/mind building nutrients or I suffer (and make others suffer right along with me.)

This little truth hit home a second time right after my cousin shared this photo of some pretty pink frozen treat emerging from what I assumed was an ice cream machine. Looked like strawberry…delicious.

I was all in the mood for a big bowl of ice cream when I found out this eye-appealing mixture was one fast food’s blend of mechanically separated chicken. (No wonder I got sick last month after eating a fish sandwich from the same restaurant.)

Everything about this “chicken” is artificial…and the worst part is that they complete the process by transforming the pink tint into a natural looking chicken color using, you guessed it, more artificial ingredients.

I felt indignantly deceived after reading about how this foodstuff (using that term loosely) was made. For shame.

Then I realized (somewhat shamefully,) I often try to convince myself in similarly deceptive ways.

I know that eating poorly tempts me to act poorly.
I know that ignoring those healthy hunger pangs gets me on the fast-track to a bad headache.
I know that taking time to take care of my physical body is the best “medicine” on earth.

I know all that…and more…much more.

What’s eating me is that I don’t simply act on what I know…and we all know on the inside the difference between “real” honest-to-goodness anything and those tempting “artificial” alternatives.

So why do we continually choose that which hurts us?

For me, making smart food choices is only the beginning.