I Am Not a Monster. Nope, I Am Not. (But I Could Grow Into One)

Navigating the Friendship Maze: The Path to Authentic Friendship

A little kid wearing a monster hat is completely endearing.

A little kid sporting a monstrously bad attitude is not.

It would be nice if children “caught” good attitudes as easily as they seem to catch colds. But they don’t.

Attitudes, like all life skills and responsibilities, have to be first modeled, then taught.

And every lesson begins first and foremost in the home.

For some further thoughts on taming the monster tendency in all of us…check out this excerpt from our book, Burdens Do a Body Good.

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Childrearing: When Parents Pass on the Torch of Responsibility

Kids make messes. Big messes. Small messes. Some we can laugh about, others, not so much. Little kids with chocolate smeared faces and sticky fingers can make us smile. Big kids with bad attitudes, failing grades, and a speeding ticket can make us weep. Messes, they’re a…

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