Conquer the Empty Nest with these 10 Quick Tips

Thanks to my terrific Hendrickson publishing team…here is an insightful interview touching on the main themes in my new book. Enjoy!

Hendrickson Publishers Blog

After Empty Nest, What’s Next? Parenting Adult Children without Losing Your Mind, readers asked author Michele Howe for more—covering topics not discussed in the first book, along with questions at the end of each chapter for personal or group discussions. With Preparing, Adjusting, and Loving the Empty Nest, Howe provides expanded practical tips and spiritual wisdom in a three-part primer to help parents in this transitional time of life—helping them look to the future with hope as empty nesters.

Of course, there are never enough answers to our questions when it comes to topics like this! However, we’re excited to say that in the following interview we were able to ask Michele for a little more insight into a few subjects discussed in this timely and perceptive book. Enjoy!

1. How does this book complement Empty Nest, What’s Next?

I would say this text expands upon the principles…

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