Sitting Down to Work (and other unlikely health risks)

Let all writers, reviewers, and editors…stand up!

Empty Nest, What's Next? Parenting Adult Children Without Losing Your Mind


If you’re like me, you appreciate all the advances in technology that can make your work (and life) easier.

I remember way back when I spent a boatload of money on large envelopes, white stock paper, paper clips, and postage just to send out queries and samples of my work.

Am I ever grateful those days are over…days when watching for the mail lady to drive up in her truck and I would drop whatever I was doing to pick through our mail hoping against hope I’d heard something from any number of editors I’d pitched a story to or to whom I’d sent some writing samples.

Now, everything is click, click, click.

Which I can heartily say my budget (and my patience) are so glad about.

However (and isn’t there always a however?)…it seems the rest of me (meaning my physical me) isn’t benefiting from technology in general as…

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