Handling Instructions for Stains of All Sorts

I prefer the gentle cycle. You?

Navigating the Friendship Maze: The Path to Authentic Friendship


If you’ve purchased any new clothing lately (and have bothered to look at the care tags hidden in the deepest recesses of the garment) you can’t help but have noticed that all these odd little symbols have replaced the worded care instructions.

Okay, I may not be the smartest bulb in the pack…but until these symbols made their appearance I never had a problem laundering my clothes properly. Now…it’s a different story.

Today, when I go shopping I locate the little hidden care tag first to try and figure out if I want to “hand wash” the item or not…but before I get that far I have to decipher it. No easy matter.

I’m wondering who came up with these symbols anyway? And why did they (the manufacturers) decide that words should be replaced by these confusing little arcs and spheres?

Honestly, there have been times when I’m holding a…

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