Finding Pain Out — Before It Leads Us On

Listening to our pain…first step to figuring out what’s really going on inside of our hearts.

Empty Nest, What's Next? Parenting Adult Children Without Losing Your Mind

Pain tends to be the one thing in life that always gets our attention. Perhaps this is the reason that we all tend to hate pain. It forces us to deal with things we would rather ignore or avoid. Paul Tripp

Physical pain — hate it.
Emotional pain — hate it.
Mental pain — hate it.

Who likes pain?

No one I know.

Author Paul Tripp makes a good case for viewing pain (in all its forms) from a different perspective. His bottom-line premise is that since none of us can avoid pain, we might as well make it our ally.

Crushing long-lasting pain or small, brief moments of pain…both become instructors.

Sometimes little moments are the best place to learn significant things. In the big, cataclysmic moments, we are working so hard just to survive that it is hard to learn much in the…

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