Stepping Into An Unknown Future with a Known God

Two years later…still thinking along these same lines…

Empty Nest, What's Next? Parenting Adult Children Without Losing Your Mind


This past weekend I was sitting in two separate ceremonies watching my son graduate from college. And yep, I was that mom holding back tears of…


and dare I admit…some measure of trepidation.

For four years I had mentally placed my son, and my youngest child, in a safe and compartmentalized box of sorts. Now, he’s graduated and his future is up for grabs. He may or may not land a job in our city…I know he wants to move away.

As in far, far away.


As happy as I am for my son, I also admit to feeling like I’m shedding off another layer of my parenting identity. And like this darling little Yorkie discovered, sometimes you just have to sit still until the process is complete.

So, as I was reflecting upon my own emotional ups/downs this past couple of weeks…I came across this…

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