Youth Entitlement — Not On My Watch

On the value of putting your kids to work around the house so they will survive the world.

Navigating the Friendship Maze: The Path to Authentic Friendship

Yesterday my youngest daughter (age twenty-three) handed me this Mother’s Day card and it brought back a rush of emotions (and memories.) She created a handmade greeting using two photos from many years ago.

When I looked at this picture…and the comical bunny ears (and lone Barney face) each one was wearing, it reminded me of my kids’ individuality…and their unique personalities still shine through this aged photo.

Looking at the picture brought back a lot of other memories too.

We were a craft-y family. For years we made all sorts of fun stuff: candles, baskets, soaps, potholders, knitted/crocheted scarfs/blankets, pottery, painting…if it was available, we tried it at least once.

And I’m so glad we did.

Every mom knows that crafts are messy, time-consuming (and often expensive.)

But what we gain is well worth the investment of all three.


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