What Our Eyes Cannot See, We Take by Faith

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Empty Nest, What's Next? Parenting Adult Children Without Losing Your Mind

I have a friend who I generally pass by on FB of all places. As I post a story or a link to a newsy or informative article, I’ll see her by way of a “like” or a comment or both. It always makes me smile. This is her stethoscope by the way. 🙂

Then I get to wondering about the wonders of technology and how not too many years ago all this posting and tweeting and talking via the internet only existed in some person’s imagination. And then they made it a reality.

I think this is an important concept.

First, we visualize in our minds a specific outcome, product, idea, procedure. Then, we get busy on making “it” a reality.

And isn’t it true that we all close our eyes and visualize something we can’t yet see with our physical eyes?

I do it all the time.


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