A Hot Mess – When Our Hearts Go Haywire

The sad truth of misbehaving hearts.

Empty Nest, What's Next? Parenting Adult Children Without Losing Your Mind

Awhile ago my oldest daughter was remarking that her almost two-year old son was feeling out of sorts because he was teething.

She warned me. Any second he’ll go from being just fine to dissolving into a hot mess.

I pictured that scene in my mind and then I watched it happen.

Logan went from fine and dandy to collapsing on the floor, sobbing as he went down, and staying there. He sure looked the picture of a hot mess with tears streaming down his cheeks, hair all mussed up, and his mouth quivering. It was quite the transformation.

Unlike toddlers who are still too young to truly understand all the fits and frustrations they feel and how to cope with them, adults know better than to dissolve into hot messes every time something goes wrong.

Still, I’ve seen quite a few hot messes take place in big people (and…

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