10 Things to Do When Your Kid Gets Accepted into College

Life is always in motion (and that’s a very good thing).

Hendrickson Publishers Blog

by Michele Howe, Author of Empty Nest, What’s Next?

  1. Celebrate. Take some time to reminisce about the last eighteen years and how you raised a child that is prepared to enter the wider world without your daily presence. Give thanks to God for the opportunities your child will get to experience “flying solo” during their first journey away from home.
  2. Anticipate. Help your child to get excited about the positive aspects of stepping into the college experience. Remember that your son/daughter might very well be simultaneously excited and scared about the unknowns of college life. Take time to talk about whatever aspects of this new chapter in life your child needs to discuss and remind him that God is always with him and you are only a text/email/phone call away.
  3. Delegate. When your child is preparing for college (whether it’s a local college or states away) there is a laundry…

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