Grace Happens Here – There and Everywhere

This goes along with our church’s theme for 2016.

Choose grace.

Give grace, one more time.
Be generous, one more time.

Empty Nest, What's Next? Parenting Adult Children Without Losing Your Mind

Wonder of wonders I ended up with not one book on the subject of grace but two this month. Even more wondrous, both titles were written by America’s master storyteller, Max Lucado.

What grace.

Two books on grace.
Two books by Lucado.
Grace upon grace.

So instead of trying to decide amongst my list of topics I want to write on today, I decided to share a little Lucado with you.

Here’s an excerpt from Lucado’s newest, Grace Happens Here.

Let it so seep into the crusty cracks of your life that everything softens. Then let it bubble to the surface, like a spring in the Sahara, in words of kindness and deeds of generosity.

Such Kindness

“We will celebrate forty-four years tomorrow,” Jack said, feeding his wife.

She was bald. Her eyes were sunken, and her speech was slurred. She looked straight ahead, only opening her…

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