One Little Step at a Time – Gets You There

Relishing this moment with my people (big and small). 🙂

Empty Nest, What's Next? Parenting Adult Children Without Losing Your Mind

A few days ago I was sitting up front and center watching my son get blasted in the face with enough water to drown a person before he got to his feet and started barefooting.

Made my heart skip a few beats.

And as I was sitting right next to the boom, I caught every look on his face as he maneuvered as fast as possible into a much more comfortable standing position.

I laughed inside at what we go through in the name of fun.

But real life is often the same isn’t it?

Whenever I want to get from here to there (in work, relationships, or play) I have to take solid first steps at making it happen.

I think about where I want to end up.
Then I mentally trace my steps to get there.

And most of the time, when I give attention to…

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