Les Miserables – Best Christmas Movie Ever

Remembering the message of this terrific (and terrible) story.

May we all imitate forgiveness.

Empty Nest, What's Next? Parenting Adult Children Without Losing Your Mind

People who succeed in life do not go around settling scores. They do not even keep score.They “run up the score” by doing good to others, even when others do not deserve it. They give them better than they are given. And as a result, they often bring the other person up to their level instead of being brought down to the level of the other. It is the law of love, changing things for the better. -Dr. Henry Cloud

This telling statement by Dr. Henry Cloud pretty much sums up the entire theme of Les Miserables from the main character Jean Valjean’s perspective. He spoke it. He lived it. And throughout the book/theater production, readers/theater goers watch this powerful truth getting played out over and over again.

In some, his unconditional love melts people’s hearts and resistance. In others, it only hardens their resolve to go to the grave…

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