The Larger Frame of Forgiveness

Making my “frame” larger and larger every day….


It’s a beautiful thing.

Navigating the Friendship Maze: The Path to Authentic Friendship

moveon“A frame is what you put around a picture to give it perspective.”
Dr. Dick Tibbits in Forgive to Live

What is your frame? Large or small? Interesting concept isn’t it? Ever considered that how we view another’s offense(s) toward us is like a picture frame? When we feel hurt (justified or not), we frame the experience within our hearts and minds. Then, we likely recall it, run the event over in our minds, sometimes complete with hand wringing and all. Sadly, the more we focus on the painful interchange, the more out of balance and skewed it becomes. The color goes blurry, we forget how much we formerly appreciated the picture, how it often brought us pleasure and comfort. If we’ve spent an overt amount of time and mental energy replaying the misdeed, we may grow so weary of its commanding position in our lives that we contemplate discarding…

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