Character, Like a Photograph, Develops in Darkness

characterindarkResearching some great quotes to use in my new book on loving aging parents well, I came across this gem by Carolyn Custis James in her book, When Life and Beliefs Collide.

“Most of us are better theologians in hindsight. We look at the struggles we have weathered and survived and testify warmly of God’s goodness and faithfulness to us. But when a new crisis hits or we weary of the steady dripping of little problems and stresses, our theology collapses like a house of cards and we’re faced with the task of reassembling it all over again. Yes, God was good, he was faithful, he was in control, he did show his love to me back then. But here and now? Somehow yesterday’s theology doesn’t look quite so glorious or reliable in the bleak light of today’s circumstances.

The great women theologians I have come across cultivated the habit of using their theology in the here and now. What set these women apart – kept them from sinking when everything else was going down and strengthened them to lend a hand to others – was their unblinking focus on God.

They were serious about knowing him and studied the Scriptures with that intention. They were not passive with their knowledge but consciously took it up and confronted life with it. Their hearts were strong because they were sure of God.

It made a difference in their running, and what is more, because their eyes were fixed on Jesus, they were better wives, mothers, daughters, and friends.”

I love this line…..”Their hearts were STRONG because they were SURE of God.”


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