Retailers + Resources’ Review of Empty Nest, What’s Next?


Reviews matter.

In real life, nobody much cares about book reviews. But, if you’re an author (or a publisher) you realize how much potential readers rely on other readers’ thoughts/opinions/take-away-value of any product they purchase. So, it’s always with great relief (and a prayer of thanks to God) when a reviewer “gets” what you’re trying to communicate in your book.

Here’s the newest editorial review of Empty Nest, What’s Next?…and yes, I’m saying my “thank-yous”….

“Don’t start this book unless you have time to finish it. It is that good.

Howe touches the heart of every parent of an adult child, no matter what season they are in. It is easy to forget that we are not alone when it comes time for “adult-sized prayers” for adult children. But with wisdom and love, Howe assures us that we are not alone and that with our face toward God, we can survive. Whether you learn from her “Action Thoughts,” the heart wrenching accounts of tough love, cry out with her prayers to God or simply grow from her uplifting and encouraging stories, there is something for everyone.

This is a great study for a women’s group as well as for individual study. It is fun, interesting, and worthy of your time. This will definitely be on my Christmas list this year.”


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