Covered Forever — An Outreach Ministry for Women Caught in the Sex Trade Industry


If you think women (and girls) in your local community are not getting caught up in the sex trade industry in record numbers…you are dead wrong.

Recently, I attended a gala that raised support for a dynamic organization that supports women in the sex trade. The entire evening of 500-plus men and women was an education in and of itself. The sex trade is alive and well HERE.

What most folks don’t realize is that the women most likely to get caught up in this type of trade have been sexually abused as children (the stats go as high as 90-95%)…so these already wounded women have lived a life devoid of hope (and help). Is it any wonder they end up selling their bodies for money?

Coveredforever.com is a local ministry that seeks out these young women in their place of employment (the strip clubs) and enters into one of the darkest places on our planet to simply offer love, respect, and acceptance. NO shame.

The Covered Ministry volunteers enter the strip clubs bearing gift bags for the girls every single month…but they offer so much more to these hurting and defeated women…they offer hope. They offer love. They offer a better way to live life.

Want to help?

Take a few moments to visit Coveredforever.com and begin making a difference NOW.

You don’t have to enter a strip club to change a woman’s life.

You can —

Pray. Volunteer to bag the gifts. Offer a professional service such as counseling or legal advice. You can give monetarily each month in support of rescuing women and their children out of this no-win scenario.

None of us can do everything, but every one of us can do something.

Get started on your “something” today.


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