People — The Vehicle God Often Uses to Get Us Where We Want to Go

People…God still uses “them” to change “us.” 🙂

Empty Nest, What's Next? Parenting Adult Children Without Losing Your Mind


I smiled when I looked at this photo of how-to prepare a winning cheese spread. I really smiled when I noted the author’s little arrows pointing to various elements of this yummy looking appetizer. But the term, “vehicle” cracked me up. I never considered a cheese board a vehicle before…but in truth, it is just that. An object that moves that delicious food nearer to me. 😉

When we hear the word vehicle we think of something that moves something (or someone) from one spot to another.

Our automobiles are our primary vehicles for getting us where we want to go.
Our two feet can also be the vehicles that move us from one spot to another.


All of these move us forward, backward, or around and around in circles.

But there’s an even more powerful vehicle at work in our lives every single day. One that…

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