Publishers Weekly reviews Empty Nest, What’s Next?


Breathing a sigh of relief after reading this Publishers Weekly review of Empty Nest, What’s Next?…because as everyone in the publishing industry knows…a PW review can be brutal.

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Howe (Burdens Do a Body Good), a PW reviewer, looks at a relatively unaddressed topic in parenting literature: relating to adult children. A mother of four young adults, Howe draws extensively on her own experience as well as that of others. She covers ground logically, examining myriad possibilities (grandparenting, children’s in-laws, “adult-sized mistakes,” and more). The book is strongly Christian; each chapter begins with a Bible verse and ends with a prayer. Parents for whom the faith of their children’s potential mate is not a major issue will likely have other strategies that rely less on faith and more on psychology. Chapters are at times frustratingly short, as if the author has just gotten going on a subject but time is up. Still, Howe has an earnest, been-there (and “there” includes being in court with a child) authorial voice that speaks with candid strength. Christian readers might find themselves using the book as a daily devotional, given the volume’s short chapters and regular prayerful advice. Agent: Les Stobbe, Leslie H. Stobbe Literary


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