All Kinds of Goodbyes and Why They Hurt So Much

Goodbyes always make my throat hurt. And yours?

Empty Nest, What's Next? Parenting Adult Children Without Losing Your Mind


A few weeks ago, I had to say goodbye to my nearest and dearest (in my heart) cousin whom I hadn’t seen in years. It was so good seeing him again.

We laughed.
We caught up.
We reminisced.
We even got a little teary-eyed.

Then it was time to say goodbye and my throat hurt.

I hate goodbyes.

I would much rather say, “See you later.”

Somehow saying that phrase includes the hope and promise that I will indeed see that person again. Soon.

Goodbyes sort of stink and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to saying them.

There is, however, another sort of goodbye that makes my throat hurt for a very different reason.

Goodbyes to bad attitudes.
Goodbyes to regrets.
Goodbyes to lost opportunities.
Goodbyes to unhealthy relationships.

While these kinds of goodbyes still make my throat hurt…it’s for completely different reasons.

Good ones.

I realize how…

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