Have a Little Heart – Showing Compassion for Your Caregivers

Even with all the “yuck” in medicine today…I’m still giving thanks for my wonderful physicians who truly are in the business of helping folks feel better.

Navigating the Friendship Maze: The Path to Authentic Friendship

Recently I was reading about the newest studies on the importance of Vitamin D in our diets and somehow I ended up on the mailing list of one particular research company.

When I received their newsletter, I clicked on the link intending to unsubscribe, but an article title caught my eye so I kept reading.

Am I ever glad I did.

The author of this article is a medical doctor with over twenty-five years of experience so I paid attention to his thoughts and his findings.

Did you know that over 1/2 of doctors feel burned out?

Maybe you did, but do you know why?

A substantial portion of U.S. doctors suffer from burnout on the job, according to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Of the nearly 7,300 doctors who participated in the survey, nearly half had at least one symptom of burnout; 38 percent had…

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