Feeling Pulled in Every Direction? (With a Little Help from Your Friends)

Navigating the Friendship Maze: The Path to Authentic Friendship

This photo gives new meaning to that old phrase, “I’m feeling pulled in every direction!

Unlike this comical visual of good friends who are just having a good time (not at the expense of each other) but because they truly care for one another; choosing friends is serious business.

The truth is we become like those with whom we voluntarily choose to walk through life. Our friends and their choices help to make and mold us. We listen to them. We observe how they handle difficult moments (and how they weather even harder seasons of life). We learn from them often without even being conscious of it.

And, we frequently start mirroring their thoughts, attitudes, and actions in ways we’re often not even aware of — but others are.

Selecting friends is serious business and the same care we extend to teaching our…

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