I Endorse You!

Thankful today for all those terrific authors/speakers/radio hosts who honored me by endorsing my newest work: Empty Nest, What’s Next?

Navigating the Friendship Maze: The Path to Authentic Friendship

I’ve been thinking a lot about endorsements lately.

With two new books coming out, I’ve been making two lists (and checking them twice!)

Gathering together a list(s) of people whom I’d love to read and then endorse my book(s) has been a happy task.


Because as I mentally compile this specific grouping of people, I’m considering why I want them to endorse my work —

Here’s why.

These are folks I respect.
These are people who mirror my values.
These are men and women whose work and lives I seek to emulate.
These are people who live out honor, integrity, other-mindedness (
and it shows.)
These are individuals who “get” what I’m trying to accomplish.
These are people who are my friends and colleagues and when I think about them, I smile (inside and out.)

But what…

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