Sisters, Daughters, Friends: Relationships That Last

Navigating the Friendship Maze: The Path to Authentic Friendship

This week is all about relationships. Sisters.Daughters. Friends. Singles…about to be married.

The one constant about relationships is that they are always changing.

People talk about life being a journey and it is…but so are the relationships we have with those around us. We begin at a starting point with another person and we move forward (or not), growing more in trust and respect over time (or not), depending on many different factors.

One thing is true, if we’re to keep relationships over the long haul, we have to expect to “weather” tough times with every person (at one time or another) and not give up (on them or the relationship).

Every friendship we have will be tested during difficult moments and then we decide to keep risking what we value most (generally our hearts) to keep…

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