Sexism – When Women are Their Own Worst Enemy

Since the powers that be have decided to make money off of a trilogy of books that demeans women (and even celebrates it)…by producing a movie titled, Fifty Shades of Grey…it’s time to reblog this post I wrote way back in 2012. Remember this ladies… “When women raise the standard of what they will and will not accept (in their culture, workplace, and home) then the men in their lives will be forced to raise the bar of their own behavior if they (the men) want to be with women of quality.” That quote by author/speaker Gary Thomas…remember it and don’t forget it.

Empty Nest, What's Next? Parenting Adult Children Without Losing Your Mind

I have tried and tried to avoid writing on this topic. But every single day (multiple times a day) I am reminded of a book that continues to gain momentum and popularity and I just have to get it out (my thoughts on it, that is.)

But before I do, let me say this. I am one of those women whose blood pressure rises and teeth clench whenever I see evidences of sexism…anywhere.

In the home.
At the office.
In entertainment (and I use that term loosely

I have no problem raising my voice against pornography, strip clubs, prostitution, and the like.

In that way, I’m like almost every other woman I know.

I treat men with respect and I expect the same from them.

However, given the growing trend of women who are devouring Fifty Shades of Grey, I am in the…

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