Social Intelligence (What Think You?)

Navigating the Friendship Maze: The Path to Authentic Friendship

Did you know that emotions can pass from person to person silently, without anyone consciously noticing?

I did and I didn’t.

I’ve often wondered how I can be around certain people and just feel good, while when I’m with others, I just feel bad (anxious, uptight, on edge.)

This emotion contagion is so common and so widespreadly wired into us physiologically that most people aren’t even aware of why they respond in specific ways.

Author Daniel Goleman writes in his book, Social Intelligence, that humans create an emotional contagion when the brain is at work using the “low road.” The low road is the circuitry that operates beneath our awareness, automatically, and effortlessly, with immense speed.

The “high road,” in contrast, runs through neural systems that work more methodically and step by step, with deliberate effort.

The low road can be seen as “wet,” dripping with…

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