The Persistence Quotient: Never Leave Home Without It

Leaving home (or staying home), we need it (persistence) every day.

Empty Nest, What's Next? Parenting Adult Children Without Losing Your Mind

Earlier this week, as I walked by (READ: walked SLOWLY by) this candy display case filled with countless eye-appealing treats and desserts, I was tempted (sorely tempted) to stop and give in to the siren call of indulging in an immediate sugar rush…because I’ve given in so many times before, I know how good a piece of chocolate can taste (feel.)

Instead, I decided to hold off, take a few photos instead and come back later after my head cleared. As I had already “indulged” enough for the day and knew better than to push it with more sugar loading (tempting though it was to give-in and give-up on my plans to eat healthy, I knew from experience that if I walked away now…that persistent urge to indulge would pass…and it did.)

As I forced myself to walk away…I started…

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