The Persistence Quotient: Never Leave Home Without It

Leaving home (or staying home), we need it (persistence) every day.

Navigating the Friendship Maze: The Path to Authentic Friendship

Earlier this week, as I walked by (READ: walked SLOWLY by) this candy display case filled with countless eye-appealing treats and desserts, I was tempted (sorely tempted) to stop and give in to the siren call of indulging in an immediate sugar rush…because I’ve given in so many times before, I know how good a piece of chocolate can taste (feel.)

Instead, I decided to hold off, take a few photos instead and come back later after my head cleared. As I had already “indulged” enough for the day and knew better than to push it with more sugar loading (tempting though it was to give-in and give-up on my plans to eat healthy, I knew from experience that if I walked away now…that persistent urge to indulge would pass…and it did.)

As I forced myself to walk away…I started…

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