Duty + Passion — How One Complements the Other (in life and work)

Empty Nest, What's Next? Parenting Adult Children Without Losing Your Mind

I drew this little flower with chunky pastel-colored chalk.

Would you call me an artist?

Be honest.

Of course not.

I was down on my hands and knees attempting to create all sorts of simple figures as I tried to entertain a little nineteen-month-old.

I sure wasn’t impressed with my work.
He wasn’t much impressed either

While I can attempt to draw and sketch, it’s not my passion.

Still, whenever we put our minds and hands to any task, no matter how small or disagreeable, we come away with something of benefit.

Many people, can I say most especially young people, believe that they have to find their passion in their work every single day on the job.

It’s not going to happen.
To anyone.
At any time

Even those with the most glamorous careers gut it under and do their duty day after…

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