I Talk To Myself, Do You?

And I’m alone today…and still talking…

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I talk to myself.

Do you?

Of course, when I read this comical statement about people who talk to themselves as being smart, I thought, I’ll take that.

I think there’s a problem though when we don’t realize we are talking to ourselves…or when we don’t realize how we talk to ourselves changes our attitudes.

Case in point –

My oldest daughter whose bedroom was right above our kitchen area would tell me she thought someone was in the kitchen with me because she could hear me carrying on a conversation with myself. Hmm. Interesting.

My youngest daughter, still living at home, tells me I talk to myself all the time (her bedroom is beneath our kitchen area.)

So, it’s either me getting excited about food and talking about it in my kitchen…or I talk to myself all through the house and don’t realize it.

In any case, my daughters’…

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