Would You Pass the PONS Test?

A good day to remember.

Empty Nest, What's Next? Parenting Adult Children Without Losing Your Mind

PONS (Profile of Nonverbal Sensitivity) is a test that scores individuals on how well they guess what’s going on emotionally from seeing a two-second snippet of a given scene. Test subjects may be given only someone’s body, their face, or possibly only their voice.

Daniel Goleman writes…

Interestingly, those who score higher on this test tend to be rated as more interpersonally sensitive by their peers or supervisors. Clinicians and teachers get higher job performance ratings. If they are physicians, their patients are more satisfied with their medical care; if they are teachers they are seen as more effective. Across the board such people are liked more.

I find this interesting.
And true.

I thought back to when I accompanied my now deceased father in law to the surgeon who would be operating on his throat. This doctor was said to be one of the best in…

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