How Does Your Fear Bleed Out?

Navigating the Friendship Maze: The Path to Authentic Friendship

Bleeding out. It’s a medical term that I first heard explained to me many years ago when one of my good friends worked in the ER of a local hospital.

Bleeding out…it can happen suddenly and fast.
Bleeding out can kill a person before they get the help they need

While all precautions are taken to ensure patients don’t bleed out in the ER or (OR) it still happens.

When it does, it hurts those individuals who loved the person who bled out as well as those medical professionals who were in charge of caring for the patient.

That much I know from my friend’s reaction when it happened on her watch.

Bleeding out when it relates to the physical is bad.

Bleeding out when it relates to our emotions can be quite the opposite.

Let me explain.

One week ago today, I went…

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