Sticks and Stones (and all kinds of things that cause us pain)

It bears repeating…

When you help someone when they’re at their lowest point, you make them a friend for life. John Maxwell

Navigating the Friendship Maze: The Path to Authentic Friendship

This is an x-ray of a two kidney stones.
Enormous ones.
It could be my x-ray.
But it’s not.
For that, I’m very grateful.

Once a year I take a deep breath and walk into my urologist’s office for a KUB x-ray that reveals how many kidney stones I’ve been transporting around in my body for the previous 12 months. I’m always a little apprehensive when I lay down on the flat examination bed, take a deep breath, hold, and wait for the radiologist to tell me to breath again. Honestly, I don’t really draw a deep breath until after I’ve seen my doctor and we compare my x-ray from last year to this year’s current one.

As I wait in the exam room for my doctor to come in, I can’t help remembering the history we’ve built between us over the past twenty odd years. Has it been that…

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