How Do You Spell Adventure in Six Letters? Alaska


Off all the beautiful photos I could have chosen to share, this single shot of me all bundled up in waterproof head to toe gear is what best represents what I took away from this excursion to Alaska.

Traveling to Alaska (which is remote enough by anyone’s standards) and then going on excursions to even more remote locations was an experience I won’t soon forget.

So what did I learn from this 11 day adventure?

You should always plan ahead.
You should always be prepared (for the worst…in the best possible sense.)
You should always expect the unexpected.
You should always look for the bright side.
You should always remind yourself you get one shot at living this life and go for it.

In the coming weeks, it’s likely I’ll be sharing more of my time in Alaska…it really was bigger than life in so many ways.


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