Life Support

My first review for Faith, Friends, and Other Flotation Devices, is here!

Doyle's Delights

Who doesn’t want a happy, abundant life? Ironically, we are the ones who often stand in our own way.

Author Michele Howe describes 20 means to living the life we dream of in Faith, Friends, and Other Flotation Devices. She calls things such as faith, faith, friends, and flotations devicesfriends, forgiveness, providence, freedom, contentment, and peace our “flotation devices.” According to Howe, these are the means to carry us through the rough times and enhance the good ones.

Women try to do it all. We want the happy, healthy family and a career that is personally and financially rewarding—and we want it to be perfect. Our expectations for ourselves are demanding, exhausting, and impossible. Howe’s guidance assists us on that course with solid advice, examples from other women, and a list of points to consider.

She uses Scripture verses from the Catholic/Ecumenical Edition of The Message to bring it all to the forefront…

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