Nothing Better Than a Box of Books

Opening this particular box of books made me want to weep (almost.)

This book has a story behind it.

Way back in 2008, I had sold this book to a publisher (new to me) and I was excited that within 9 or so months, I would see it in print. Well, we all know what happened in 2008 to our economy. It tanked. So did many publishing houses.

I still remember getting the email that regrettably announced they were returning my manuscript but I could keep the advance. Bittersweet moment.

Once again the hunt for another publisher began. Truth be told, I was so busy with other projects I had forgotten about this one.

Then one day I was cleaning out my files and something sparked in me to try again. So I did.

Within a day or so of contacting, ACTA Publications, the publisher got in touch with me, we talked, he worked up a contract, my agent looked it over, and I signed.

That was over two years ago.

Once again, I sort of forgot about this book.

Then, in January 2014, I received an email saying the editing was in full-swing and the book would be out in the summer.

Needless to say, actually holding this book in my hands is sort of surreal given I had given up on it so many times.

Thanks for bearing with me as I told the story behind these stories.

To read more…you can find Faith, Friends, and Other Flotation Devices here.


One thought on “Nothing Better Than a Box of Books

  1. Congratulations! Who knows–perhaps now is the time when your book can reach the readers who most need it!

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