The Crushing Lure of Candy Land

Candy Land
If you’ve ever played the game Candyland yourself (or with a little person you love)…you’re likely to remember all the delectable looking, colorfully presented, tempting sweets that covered the playing board.

Given my love for sweets…it might be one reason I always loved that particular game.

As an adult, I’m given to reflecting how much we still want, want, want….things that are not best for us…no matter how delectable, colorful, and tempting they are…more is often too much and enough is just right.

It’s all about my heart attitude.

Learning to be still.
Learning to be thankful.
Learning to be quiet.

Learning to slow down…enough to value and appreciate and enjoy what I already have.

Contemplation + gratitude is a mighty powerful antidote for the recurring illness of the “gimmies.”

Max Lucado writes on the high price of buying into America’s materialistic agenda.

In our world, contentment is a strange street vendor, roaming…slowly from house to house…offering his wares: an hour of peace, a smile of acceptance, a sigh of relief…

When I asked him why so few welcomed him into their homes, his answer left me convicted. “I charge a high price, you know…I ask people to trade in their schedules, frustrations, and anxieties…You’d think I’d have more buyers…but people seem strangely proud of their ulcers and headaches.”


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