This Too Shall Pass


Of course, as someone who has dealt with kidney stones over the years…this photo can bring tears of laughter (and pain) to my eyes…but the point still holds true.

This (whatever you’re going through)
Too (in addition to whatever else you’re dealing with)
Shall (not last forever)
Pass (become history)

Don’t believe me?

Max Lucado puts a more hopeful perspective on enduring troubles…

What does Jesus do while we are in the storm? You’ll love this. He prays for us…

So where does that leave us? While Jesus is praying and we are in the storm, what are we to do? Simple. We do what the disciples did. We row…

Much of life is spent rowing…Getting out of bed. Fixing lunches…More struggle than strut.

He (Jesus) went into the hills to pray. Mark 6:46


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