I Love my iPad – Let Me Count the Ways

Still loving it…still feel the same way about social media!

Empty Nest, What's Next? Parenting Adult Children Without Losing Your Mind

heartinsnow Last month (approximately eighteen months after I purchased my iPad 2) I finally read through the owner’s manual. This is a miracle. Truly.

I admit to being a voracious reader but I cannot for the life of me read through most instruction manuals and understand what they’re talking about.

Clearly, I have a brain anomaly.

During those frustrating moments when I would intermittently get stuck trying to figure out how to use my iPad, my son would tell me to just open an app and figure it out. Not helpful.

I felt like some ancient old-timer who can’t figure out anything without a youthful hand masterfully leading the way, tapping here and there and wha-lah magic! Problem solved.

So, when push came to shove (and the younger generation is too busy to help out) I finally re-opened the instruction app and read it.

And I was amazed at how user-friendly…

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