It’s Simple Math (Subtract to Add)


A dear friend of mine has been challenging me to consider how I’m using my time.

It’s been such a difficult thing for me to step back some and learn (re-learn) to be quiet.

For years, out of necessity, I was always moving from one task to the next. Now, with an almost empty nest, I’m finding I have some time on my hands.

What to do with this sudden elusive commodity?

Join a group?
Lead a class?
Start volunteering?
Write another book?

Any and all options are good ones.

Still, I realized that it’s too easy to stay too busy.

Maybe, just maybe, what I need most is time.

Time to be quiet.
Time to not be distracted.
Time to be still.
Time to listen.

So, I decided to subtract instead of add.

In the past few months, I’ve realized how hard it is to choose a period of relative quiet by eliminating what I can so I can prepare for what’s coming next.

By subtracting I’m adding.

How about you?


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