Outgrowing Our Spiritual Playpen


Aside from the comedic implications of this photo depicting the typical grandma as the rescuer of her grandchildren…there’s some real truth to this statement.

Aren’t we all guilty of spending too much time in our own
“spiritual playpens?”

I know I am.

I demonstrate this fact every time I demand…

to have my own way
cling to my rights
refuse to listen
dig in my heels
turn away in anger
rehearse another’s wrongs
close my heart and mind to truth

If you’ve ever been a tad unwilling to leave your spiritual playpen in favor of growing up…read what Elisabeth Elliot has to say on the topic.

Love is the way to maturity. Selfishness stunts growth and keeps us in a spiritual playpen. The world is full of emotional babies, crawling over each other, screaming, “Mine! This I want, and this I shall have, and never mind what it does to anybody else!”

What a relief, what peace, when one who has reached spiritual adulthood, who by love has grown out of himself, comes along. He freely gives up his own aims and ambitions, his safety and his cherished plans, his possessions, his feelings, anything at all that will help and says my life for yours. Such a one comes as a rescuer.

To give myself up is the last thing I think of doing. It looks like weakness. In God’s eyes, though, it is power.


2 thoughts on “Outgrowing Our Spiritual Playpen

  1. Terrific reminder to this little baby! I confess falling into a few of the playpen traps you mention. I want to be more powerful through the love of a grown-up like the God I serve! Thanks Michele.

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