Pain and Trials: There is an Upside to These Twin Life Companions


The devil sometimes goes too far. He drives us straight into the Lord’s arms. Ruth Bell Graham

Love that statement because it’s true and because it makes me laugh.

It’s the whole overcoming evil with good principle again.

God takes what could (should) destroy us…and He transforms the experience into something that will eventually be the making of us.

I love this little slice of pain and trials from author Kay Arthur’s life…

Kay Arthur was bitterly disappointed when she contracted a heart infection that forced her removal from the mission field. “I felt like a failure,” she wrote.

“It would be several years before I’d see how He’d use those formative years of study in Mexico to prepare me to write inductive Bible studies that would eventually reach 52 countries.”

“My disappointments aren’t over,” Kay admits. “Pain and trials are almost constant companions, but never enemies. They drive me into His sovereign arms. There He takes my disappointments and works everything together for good.”

Today I’m going to spend some time remembering specific events that pretty much broke my heart and how God eventually used those heartaches to remake me.


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